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I recently scavenged through an old XPS and took all the parts I wanted. In the proces I got the bright idea to take the board out that emits the lights for the front of the desktop. Can I make this work with another system?

It is a small board with two LEDs on it. On the dell it plugged into the motherboard and the lights were controleld from the BIOS. Do you think there is a way that by using electricity to certain leads I can make it emit color continuously?

the board has "r3783" written on it

this is the part:
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  1. You mean the front panel LED lights for the power and hard drive indicators? I suppose you could make them shine continuously if you wanted to wire it directly to a power source yourself. But if you just want more lights so it looks cool, you can get a lot better things than that for like $7, plus you won't have to do any custom wiring.
  2. no not the front panel. this is the XPS neon light system. Displays most colors in the rainbow
  3. Ahh, I get it. Hadn't seen those before.

    Yeah, those lights use a custom plug, but to my untrained eye, it looks like the standard red-white-green-black, plus a couple extra wires added on (maybe those control it? I don't know; just guessing).

    If I had to guess, I'd say that it's probably possible to wire it yourself among those first four wires to make it shine continuously. Although I admit that figuring out exactly HOW you'd wire it is not my strong suit and you'll probably want the opinion of someone better versed in that kind of thing.
  4. yeah that's ok. My dad is an electrical engineer and works regularly with LEDs and sports lighting. Over the holiday season I had him look at it and I'm pretty sure we fried it following a 1 second burst of beautiful blue light...
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