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How to determine which sata I have

Hello, How can I determine which sata I have. WD tech was little help in determining what I have, in order to make my new WD HD install.
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  1. Thanks... I'm a total newbie to understanding the inner workings of PCs... Went to both links, but am unsure of how to proceed...
  2. After calling WD's sales, and giving them the details of my PC, I was informed that the 1TB WD black internal HD would work, so I ordered one and received it yesterday. But when following the install instructions, I can't get the PC to recognized the HD, so the wizard can proceed with the install.

    Called the WD tech support and was told that in all likelihood, it is because I don't have a new enough sata interface for it to work. Told I "might" try a jumper between pins 5-6, (but no info could be given as to where I might be able to purchase one of these jumpers), but it was likely it would not work anyway... Nor did the tech guy I spoke with provide me info on how to check which sata I have. (I thought I had sorted that out when I spoke to the sales, but apparently their sales guys are only interested in selling.) :(

    SO... Am trying to figure out how to determine what sata interface I have, so I know how to proceed...
  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Thanks again... When I clicked download, it appears to indicate this os for win7... will this work with XP ?
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    I'm probaly doing it wrong, but I followed the instructions on the WD install information, which indicated to use the disk management tool, and while it opens a page showing all the rest of the drives, it will not recognize the new drive.
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    Do you have the sata port enabled in the bios?
  6. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Do you have the sata port enabled in the bios?

    Like I said... I'm a TOTAL newbie, and have no idea how to do or check that... :??:
  7. Issue finally resolved... Turns out the BIOS was not set to recognize additional sata ports... :lol:
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