CPU got pulled out with sink: pins bent

I'm assuming i'm totally screwed? i'm trying to bend them into shape but about 5-6 of them got bent, i was trying to reseat the cpu just to see if that was my issue of no booting. i have 1 long and 4 short beeps and that was pointing towards bad m/b anyway and i guess it's just good it happened now because now i can order a new board and cpu at the same time lol

i'm still gonna try to bend them back, just wondering if anyone ever had success?

edit, after following the good advice at http://www.wikihow.com/Fix-Bent-Pins-on-a-CPU i used a blue credit card (great for contrast) and a needle and began straightening the pins. Then i saw that one had broken off.

i'm assuming the pin is kinda important or it wouldnt be there so now i have to get a mobo and a cpu..joy.
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  1. Just get a razor blade and a mechanical pencil razor works great when a row of pins get bent , but if only a few pins go different ways use the mechanicl pencil remove the led and slip the end over the bent pins and GENTLY bend them back !
  2. thanks, we missed replies by just a minute. since one pin is now missing i'm assuming i have a paperweight

    but i do have a question, how is it possible to remove the fan from the CPU without pulling it out? I didnt see anyway to raise the arm with the sink in place. or did i use too much paste in sticking it to the cpu?
  3. there are eithier clips u push down w/ a standard screw driver or arms u swing back to release the heat sink............. what CPU?? oh and if it is really old 4 screws go threw the corners of the fan
  4. it was AMD|A64 X2 4400+ and just over 2 years old. I did swing the arm and unclip it but i guess i forgot something else because i was so irritated at the darn machine lol
  5. That is why its good to unfasten the heat sink, carefully twist the fan with a small clockwise/counterclockwise motion. This will unseat your heat-sink from the processor and you should be able to separate the fan/processor w/o pulling the processor out of the socket. There were only a couple of bent pins on my processor when this happened to me. I carefully bent them back and, presto she fired right up! I got lucky, the big AMD in the sky was shining on me that day.
    That mechanical pencil idea was a good one, Mark5.
  6. When removing you always want to run the system for a few minutes (Prime95 works well to heat the CPU up a bit) - by doing that it will heat the thermal paste and make removing easier - then turn the heatsink back and forth in a semi circular movement a couple times to loosen the paste before pulling upward and it usually will release pretty well !
  7. the system was dead, thats why i wanted to take it out, to reseat and if that didnt work then buy a new board. but i guess even just it running would have heated it up now that i think about it

    is it normal for a CPU fan to take 3-5 seconds to turn on? maybe it was fried anyway :)

    when i get my new cpu installed i'm gonna use very little schmootz :)
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