Gigabyte puts monitor to sleep during Windows install

Im getting really frustrated. Trying to install a fresh copy of windows and format. I have the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L (rev.1.0). Every time the motherboard cuts the signal to the monitor (which cycles through its inputs) then it goes to sleep. One time it took 2:30 secs to cycle off the other it was 7:10 secs. So no consistency. The whole install is going on in the back ground but I cant see to tell it what to do! This only happens in bios/dos modes. But I've already formated the drive so Ive got nothing till it gets solved. Here's a shot of the current Power settings. Please help!

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  1. Any way you can test the vidcard in another system - I think it's the obvious culprit, here... MOBO/BIOS don't intitiate s states (sleep mode) on their own, there's a software interface responsible for that... 'Nother possibility (but really rare): hunt around in your monitor's OSD/menu - may be some built-in sleep mode that operates if it doesn't 'see' a change in the signal for a set amount of time - if there, should be able to disable it...
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