Windows Uses 6Gb of Ram out of 9Gb after CPU Overclock

After overclocking my core i7 920 2.66 Ghz to 3.49 Ghz windows properties shows that it only uses 5.99 Gb of ram out of 9 Gb.

BLK: 167x21
CPU Vcore: 1.3375v
CPU VTT: +400mV
CPU PLL: 1.89v
DIMM: 1.660v

The voltages are a bit high but if I lower them the motherboard won't post unless the blk is lowered. So far it's stable at these settings. Temps idle 52 degrees C 75 MAX under load.
If I clear CMOS the ram usage goes back to normal.
Can this be fixed? Is this the PSU or the CPU chip itself or the RAM?
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  1. Can you check somewhere else?

    What does CPU-Z show for your memory size?
  2. fail read ram size if overclocking ... reseat cpu / cpu cooler / ram for fix read
  3. CPU-Z shows 9216 Gb of ram but if I open the task manager only 6 Gb are fully utilized and the other three are duds.

    henydiah, I could just clear my mb CMOS and everything goes back to normal why would I have to do all that work.

    Thanx for suggestions.
  4. In addition, I've tried re-seating all my ram sticks in different ways and sometimes it would work and the task manager does show all 9 being utilized yet if i reboot my pc it gets messed up again, shows 3Gb of 9Gb are used or 6Gb of 9Gb it switches. If I begin lowering my BLK and my Voltages the usage begins to increase until it finally hits 9 Gb fully used when my CPU is overclocked to 3.2 Ghz but that's not enough for me and I think there might not be enough PSU power since increasing the voltages increases Power Consumption, yet using eXtreme power supply calculator I've calculated that Wattage doesn't go over the limit of my PSU.

    If you have any ideas I'd gladly hear them.
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