HD5870 or GTX295 ??

Which one is a better choice ?? At my place both are in same price level... so which one should i go for ??
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  1. GTX295 more powerful and more power hungry. HD5870 newer tech with DX11 support and eyefinity, most powerful single GPU card to date.
  2. The GTX295 performs marginally better, but the 5870 is better overall.

    5870 is a single GPU instead of dual-GPU 295, so it scales better in games. Also, putting another one for Xfire scales MUCH better than quad-GTX295

    5870 also uses far less power, and runs much cooler than the GTX295 (5870 only needs 2x 6pins, the 295 needs 1x6 pin and 1x8 pin)

    5870 supports dx11 and eyefinity.

    Get the 5870!
  3. +1 for the 5870, GTX295 is going to be outdated for a dual gpu card (kind of already is)
  4. What about them working on my "CoolerMaster Silent Pro M600 PSU" ??
  5. I believe you need a 650W for the GTX295, but the 5870 only needs 500W

    So the 5870 would be fine, but not the GTX295
  6. 295 is a good card but you are better off with newer tech that will run cooler and use less power. 295 may feel like a bad decision if they start releasing a bunch of pure DX11 titles. even if it takes a year to see a dozen DX11 games, i think it is the wiser purchase. you will be able to grab a second one once Nvidia releases their new product for a great deal as ATI seems to have a nack for lowering prices when competition shows up.
  7. +1 for 5870

    Its newer tech (40nm, dx11, eyefinity), it runs cooler and uses less power than the GTX 295. The GTX 295 is marginally faster in some games and in other games that dont scale well with SLI it performs worse.
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