How to use Anti-static wrist-strap?

i have been looking at vids on youtube and othere websites on how to use the Anti-static wrist-straps, some say put the psu in the case and pug it in with the power off at the pug then clip or add the Anti-static wrist-strap on to a part of the case with no paint,

but my case has paint on the inside too so will a Anti-static wrist-strap work?

+ Anti-static wrist-straps i am using is 3m 2209 disposable do they work well?

thanks regard rob
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  1. Put on rubber gloves, put the wrist-strap aside, case solved! Been doing it like that for years and not one issue as of late.
  2. Most of those anti static straps do their job, its a pretty simple device.

    If you can't find a place without paint on your case just be extra careful with the other things (I wouldn't worry TOO much about the paint thing). No socks on a wood floor preferred. Touch the powersupply often as this will ground you as well.

    You'll be fine.
  3. lol psu is painted black, i might get a plug anti static strap. but the psu being in the plug part is that right?
  4. jonpaul37 thanks for the help i will use the gloves and the wrist-strap as i dont make alot of money i dont want stuff to blowup in smoke l0l
  5. The way I have always built and worked on PCs is by installing the PSU first and then plugging the cord in but leaving the power switched off at the socket. Obviously the circuit feeding your sockets has an earthing system in place. The plug also carries an earth conductor. This in turn earths your PSU, which is secured to your case earthing that too. As stated above touching a metal part of the casing or a metal part of the PSU will keep you earthed.

    A lot of fuss is made of anti-static wrist straps but I've never found it warranted and have never used one.
  6. I agree Moody, common sense prevails over an anti-static wrist-guard any day.
  7. would it work if i put the Anti-static wrist-strapto radiator?
  8. ow and thanks for the help you lot have given :)
  9. robin banks uk said:
    would it work if i put the Anti-static wrist-strapto radiator?

    In the UK, all pipework entering your household should be earthed also. They usually earth your incoming gas and water supplies so that in the event of an electrical fault in your property and pipework becoming 'live' your supply will disconnect. Most houses etc. built in the last 20-30 years have their incoming water and gas services earthed. So you should be fine connecting your wrist strap to your radiator :)
  10. thanks i got a tile floor in the kitchen and a radiator next where i going to make it,+my house is 3years old so i should be ok?

    thanks people for the help :) :)
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