How to overclock cpu without bios

Hello,i have intel pentium dual core and i cant overclock it through bios setting as there is no option..please suggest me any software or codes to overclock it
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  1. We need more info on your Pc, is it a shop bought like dell, Hp?
    if so, the chances are that you cannot overclock it due to locked bios,
    download and run Cpu-z to get more info like the motherboard and chip revision
  2. its compaq presario b940 intel dual core b940, here are my cpu-z reading ;
    code name - sandybridge
    package name - socket 988B rPGA
    technology - 32nm
    core VID - 0.806 v
    specification - intel(R) pentium(R) cpu B940 @ 2.00GHZ
    family - 6, model - A, stepping - 7 - 6, ext.model - 2A, revision - D2
    instructions - MMX,SSE(1,2,3S,4.1,4.2), EM64T
    clock speed - 798.37 mhz
    multipler - x 8.0
    bus speed - 99.8 mhz
    please suggest someway to overclock it .,
  3. Click on the motherboard tab on Cpu-z, we need to know the mobo to identify whether or not its possible but I'm doubtful anything is going to help you here, prebuilds aren't O/c friendly
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