Amd Fx 4100 Overclocking help please

Ok well lets start off. Im currently running with the Amd fx bulldozer 4100 overclocked at 4ghz and i was wondering if i could go a little more further since i render videos. Well the temps usually run around 30 to 33c and when on full load goes to 35 to 37c i run the msi 970a-g46 motherboard and whats cooling the cpu down is the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ Push Pull Configuration and a exterior fan on top and on the. I was wondering if i could get some help to overclock to around 4.6 or 4.8 any help would be appraciated and my power supply is a 950w 80+ with Kingston HyperX 1600 8gb
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  1. plz help? :(
  2. You can already do, and what software you use to render video and VGA what you have ?
  3. I use Vegas Pro 10 i just want to overclock it more for more performance i just need some help on voltages and bus speed but for some reason my bus speed is not editable on my bios :/ its a custom computer btw
  4. that's the problem, vegas pro 10/11 will faster render video support acceleration use GPU .. I think it was only slightly increased even overclock 5GHz
  5. well thank you for that but know i just want to find a good overclock for my computer
  6. oh ok you must try it by your self, sure FSB at 200 and just raise multi step by step , already 20 raise to 22 if get bsod increase vcore , if stable raise again up up max voltage will safe at 1.55v and always's and keep your eyes at temperature
    good luck
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