870A Fuzion ATI and nVidia in the same mobo

Hi members of the Tom's hardware forum.

DO u remember the MSI solution for use ATI and nVidia in the same mobo that was release the last year? Well we know in that time that only works for Intel rigs and like me not all have the enough budget for the Intel components.

Well today after some hours on Internet i find this: 870A Fuzion

Yeah it's the new MSI solution for install nVidia and ATI in the same mobo and as u can see works for AM3. Now we need some reviews of this mobo and wait for some 890FX chipset with the same features. Enjoy it and I will come back with more news ;)
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  1. More interested in the Lucid Hydra system. Looks more promising.

    always good to see multiple solutions in the works though.
  2. Lucid is a great technology,but it currently doesn't perform as good as SLI or Crossfire because its new and the driver support isn't as mature as the other two.
  3. Yeah, for now we can't see a very high performance in this systems until the drivers can performs much better.
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