Radeon HD 4870, the fps ingame seems low.

Ok so i bought bought a new graphic card in christmas.
But now its installed and updated, but i seem to get really low fps.
I'll list my computers contain here, so please help me see if i got something major badness and what to upgrade, or if there's any flaws in some settings.

Amd Phenom 9500 quad core processor 2.20 GHz
4.00 GB RAM
Ati radeon HD 4870
Windows 7 - 32 bit

Help me please :) :non:
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  1. well that CPU of yours could be holding back your GPU but i could be wrong :) have you installed newest drivers?
  2. what drivers? the graphic card drivers?
    and what u mean with blocking? and how do i solve it? keep the ideas comming!
  3. The mage is wow.
    Low is about 20 fps in pretty low settings in raids.
    And the gfx drivers are installed, and im unsure what the drivers are, but it seems like they are named 9-12 or something, but i continue to search for them.
    But what was that about cpu blocking gpu then?
  4. so if the gpu/cpu blocks the other, how do i know and how to fix?
  5. Ive allreayd overclocked the card abit, its currently at 780/970.
    But one strange thing i noticed is that there are several measuere instruments, the temp is at 72 degrees, the fan speed is at 100%, but the activity is only at 0-10% mostly, could that do anything?
  6. and also i did put the resolution to the lowest ingame, but the fps did change by a very small bit, so the it is the cpu, could u tell me how to easily attempt to fix it?
  7. Overclock your CPU to around 2.5GHz and see if it improves your fps. See if you can get it higher but within stock voltages.
  8. could u explain please? ;) because when i overclock the graphic card it only shows gpu overclock, and memory overclock where do i overclock the cpu?
  9. you can overclock your CPU through the bios, but it seems that you dont have any experience overclocking the CPU so if i were you i would upgrade the processor to an AMD Phenom II 940. i have read that wow is pretty CPU dependant.
  10. but if im going to try to overclock as i was now into bios, how do i do it?
    cuz when i get into cpu configuration i cant change the Ghz/mHZ or anything, it only says its configurable, but if possible tell me very described, or link me an good guide, thanks for all help tho!
  11. ^ Yeh, overclock your CPU through BIOS settings.

    Change the FSB, set the RAM to whatever your RAM is rated for (so your RAM isn't OCed)

    FSB * multiplier = final speed
    Do some calculations and see what FSB you need to get it to around 2.5GHz

    Bump up the voltage by a slight amount and test for stability in windows.
  12. Btw would it do a difference if i would install the 64 bit version instead of 32 bit? as ive got both versions
  13. i mean would it do a big deal? and would the utility go up or down?
  14. please answer, so i know if i should install it instead of this version, cuz i just want maximum perfromance for my desktop :)
  15. 32 bit version if you have a 32bit OS. 64bit version if you have a 64bit OS.

    Overclock your CPU to increase your performance.
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