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So I feel pretty lost when it comes to mobos.. obviously I want to know what the best motherboard for the price is pound for pound (budget in mind)

As an example.. Ive come to find out that in terms of cpu's that the Amd Athlon II x3 440/445 is by far a very good cpu for a budget oriented build coming in just around $80..Ive known for 2 weeks that there is no better option for my gaming pc that this processor...I would like to feel that way with my mobo.

Ive been told that I want an AM3 socket (as this is the new standard) but other than that... also heard that the "USB 3.0" is becoming the new standard? What exactly is this..

Im thinking the ASUS M4A77td
thanks in advance
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  1. one?
  2. Best entry level budget oriented mobo?

    I was told to get at least an 8 series?
  3. If you state the parts you need, the system use and a budget it would be great.
  4. System use: Gaming. Budget: Right around $100...unless that extra $10 gets me a lot more
  5. If you don't need a floppy disk or IDE connector you can get this one:
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