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My name is Lori,sorry but self taught and don't know alot of things.Questions 1) printer was working fine,did something and it stopped.Added it has new printer and still won't work.How do I delete computers not in use? 2) how do I remove icons not used? Thank you so very much,going crazy trying myself and don't want to touch something and make it worse. LOL
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  1. As for the printer, call the manufacturers tech support, they should be able to help.

    How do you delete computers not in use? Don't know what that means.

    How do you remove icons not used? click on it (left click, once. This highlights an icon). Then hit delete on your keyboard, or drag to the recycle bin. It will only remove the icon, not the program that it opens. If you want to delete the program, do so from the control panel > Add / Remove Programs, this usually is a lot better.

    Have fun!
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