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I have a 128GB SSD card. Just installed Win7 Pro. Now have about 70GB left. Other programs I use are Microsoft Office, Lightroom 3, Adobe Master Collection and 5 different browsers, as well utility apps. I'm pretty sure I'll max out the size before i finish installing all those programs. I have 3 large HDD also. This must be a common issue at the minute because of the relatively small size of SSDs. What do others do regarding where to install other applications?
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  1. For programs that don't require a lot of I/O like office, web browsers, email, and such, should probably be installed on a standard hard drive. You could also just put the programs you use most on the SSD and the others on the hard drive.
  2. By implication that means put programs with lots of I/O on the SSD. I thought that would be detrimental to the life of the SSD since they have a limited lifetime in terms of number of writes. Am I misunderstanding something?
  3. Well, more reads than writes, like games. Once installed different levels have to keep getting loaded (read) in, but there are rarely writes other than checkpoints and saves. I think most people are buying SSD's for their OS and games. I can't personally see the need to load office documents faster.
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