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my buffering speed seemed to have slowed down. It was fine like a month ago. how would i "increase" the buffering speed?
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  1. Can u explain what exactly are u referring to?
  2. well whenever i try watching videos, it takes too long to load.
  3. Hi lookerup, the buffering speed your referring to is associated with streaming online content ( videos or audio ) from the internet to your pc.

    To be honest, this problem is usually linked to the speed of your internet connection, how many other households are also using the same pipeline ( we all share, called contention rate ) and the software you are using to stream and play the video audio, as @davcon correctly points out above, if you are using flash player!

    Has their been any other problems when using the internet, can you watch videos from other sites without the load times ( buffering ) taking to long?

    Try other sites and see if problem persists. Also, what software are you using to watch videos and which site? Does your internet service provider have delivery issues? All of these are factors which can affect your ability to watch content from the internet.

    Good luck and keep us updated on how you get on. :-)
  4. i have tried using other site, some work decent but others are a little faster than youtube but still kinda slow
  5. i also have a couple computers running on the same network so i guess that whats causing the problem too.
  6. Ok lookerup, good problem solving their :-), both of the points you raise are good ones.

    So, potentially, the website in question, youtube, may be experiencing a lot of traffic ( many users connected stressing out their servers! ), while other sites are fine. This is common over the weekend when many more people ( school kids and working mums and dads ) are using the internet, something to bear in mind!

    Your assessment of your other PC's being connected to your home network is also correct, you suffer from the same problem internally ( 3 or more PC's sharing your home bandwidth ( contention rate again! ) which can and will slow down your own connection speed to internet!

    Excellent summary and better understanding of problem. Not much you can do about the server side of things, many more people connecting to youtube, just have to live with that. :-(

    On your home network, you could always turn of net connection for other PC's ( kids won't be happy ) and there-by guarantee you get all local bandwidth and suffer no local contention :-) hehehehe, not elegant but a definite solution.

    Hope this all helps in any small way. good luck :-0
  7. What is your internet speed?

    1.Go to the speedtest and run the test to see what is your speed..


    2.Many of the issues are due to pest in the system,

    run #1 and #2 @ http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/8263-63-simple-free-guide-removing-malware
  8. Also, if your connection is slow, try to watch videos with lower resolution, as less data flowing is needed from your connection.
  9. nikorr said:
    What is your internet speed?

    1.Go to the speedtest and run the test to see what is your speed..


    2.Many of the issues are due to pest in the system,

    run #1 and #2 @ http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/8263-63-simple-free-guide-removing-malware

    it was really bad

    upload: .22
  10. lookerup, what speed are u supposed to get? Its almost dial up territory.

    That's definitely your problem here, unless u have a virus. Are u connected to the line directly or or wireless?
  11. I would suggest to download the video to the PC and that watch it, or get faster internet. I also hope that u use chrome or firefox.
  12. i am using firefox AND recently tested out chrome cuz i never used it before but chrome is definitely faster and im directly connected to it with a LAN cable not wirelessly
  13. im also using avast as AV so i doubt there is a virus if anything i'll check it out
  14. i've also try to install divx web player. it was suppose to make videos better quality and buffer faster but it incompatible with both chrome and firefox 7. I've read forums by downgrading firefox to 3.6? i think it works with it with the downgraded version of divx web player.
  15. Your issue is the internet speed. What is your package speed supposed to be?
  16. Try the speed test under the chrome too.
  17. results on chrome:

    download: .18
    upload: .24
  18. i noe the internet speed is the issue but jus thinking of alternatives to increase video buffering
  19. OK, can u post the link that u are trying to watch? And the resolution.
  20. U can try this to watch, it gives u a button to save the video to your PC.

    As your buffer, it is large enough to store 1 video, but it is coming in the PC too slow, to watch. U would have to wait till the red line gets in the half or to the end, so u can watch without interruptions.

    BTW, can u post your PC specs?

    http://www.yourvideofile.com/ /Home page/
  21. i NOW watch my videos on youtube on 240p and still kinda slow

    if ur curious my specs are:
    cpu:amd phenom II x6 1090t
    mobo: asus M4A89GTD PRO USB3
    gpu: gtx 460
    ram: 16 gb (4x4 gb) <--------dont even ask why
    psu: rosewill RP600V2-S-SL 600w
    hdd: 500 gb
  22. Hey lookerup, your bottleneck is a internet speed.

    Unless u get it over 3-5MB/s, it will sucks.

    BTW, who is your provider?
  23. lolz i dont really dont know i used to have verizon and then something happened
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