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i just got a system fan from my old system (which used to work great, doesnt pass 2000 rpms) but in this system, it passes 3800 rpm, it sounds like a jet landing, anyway to reduce the noise? i tried from bois & speedfan but doesnt work or i didn't do it correctly, i plugged the 3 pin fan into a 4 pin header since the 3 one is far, i also tried the 3 header but same problem
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  1. if your mobo don't have feature mode 3pin fan controler in bios ... it will ran full RPM evertime :) , buy new one will cheap
  2. it does, i try to set it, it says it will set it at 50% but at restart the same
  3. can you post your mb info so we can look at the mb guild. sometime in the bios they have setting for fan 3 or 4 pin by speed or temp.
  4. 3pin fans don't modulate the speed, the easiest way to get the fan to slow down is to do the 7v mod(or I should say cheapest) easiest would be to get a fan controller.
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