ASUS A7V600-X Motherboard need assistance

Ok a ask me to help fix computer hand built by his Grandfather now i got the computer it worked but on opening it and checking it hard drive came lose now it wont boot up to Xp operating system, now I don't have the recovery software nor does this thing have a floopy drive like the user guide says that the only thing that came with this I don't want to break this kids heart and i don't want people thinking i don't know what i'm doing so help please is the a way to get this thing to boot without a operating disk or a recovery disk Plus i relly su*k at DOS ALSO! HELP ME PLEASE HELP ME
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  1. Can't you just try reconnecting the hard drive? Maybe you forgot to plug back in its power cable.
  2. or the other end to the proper SATA connector... if not, try switching connections, both power and data
    Maybe adjust you BIOS boot options if something went wrong
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