MSI X58 no HDV out


I have this MSI X58 Platinum board and I cannot get HDV/.m2t files out from the firewire / IEEE1394 port.
DV out works fine.
DV and HDV in work fine too.
This is independant of the software used ( in this case Newtek SE, VT or Sony Vegas ).
The files work fine with a Sony laptop and a 7 years old SuperMicro workstation.

Any ideas ?

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  1. I don't understand, are you saying you can't import m2t files through your MSI's firewire port? Or are you saying you can't export files from your computer through the port?
  2. I can't export m2t files ( HDV ) throught the firewire port.
    I can export DV.
    I can import DV and HDV.

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