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I finally want to make the jump and overclock a bit my 955 Black edition. I need a new aftermarket cpu cooler that will fit my Thermaltake v4. Now, i have seen setups using the Cooler Master Hyper 212 evo in the case and even in a v3, and the dimension sheet says that the max size for the case is 160mm , when the size of the heatsink is apparently 159mm. I have seen it comes very close to the glass. So i'm asking, would it be a good idea to buy that heatsink? Or what would you get (from amazon) for 35 USD tops?
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    Actually the Themaltake is 7.5" wide or 190.5 mm. The CM Hyper 212 Evo is 159mm or 6.25 ". That leaves roughly an inch and a quarter to play with.
  2. But is that the external width or usable fan space? I read in a spec sheet that the actual usable size was 160mm.

    Edit: Just checked the website and it clearly states in the faq that the maximum of height is 163 and the Evo is just 159, so i have little room to spare. I don't know how i missed it. You were right! Thanks a lot!
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