Asus Crosshair IV or Asus Crosshair III

Alright, im planning on use the Amd Phenom II 955 BE cpu, but im debating on what mobo to use. I plan on using this computer for gaming and movies. I know that the Crosshair IV is newer and alittle more pricier, but im not sure whether or not its worth it. It has usb 3.0 and 6gb sata, but what do you guys recommend? I can get the crosshair iii for 145, and the crosshair iv for 230. What are your suggestions, thanks.
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  1. Well it depends on your needs.Crosshair IV has USB 3.0,Sata 6.0,3PCI-E slots,newer chipset and a better cooling.If you think you need this extra features,then go for it.
  2. ^+1, if you want three way CrossFireX then you'll want the Crosshair IV Formula, and if you like to overclock the C4F comes with quite a lot of overclocking features.
  3. so do you guys think its worth it for the 955 be cpu or should i go with the x6 1090t?
  4. For gaming and movies,X4 955 suffices
  5. I just built a new computer. I went with this:


    It has the same chipset and features of the Crosshair IV, but only 2 x16 PCIe ports. If you aren't going to crossfire 3 ways, then this is a great board. I love it.
  6. ^ The M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 has the 890GX chipset, and offers x8/x8 PCI-E bandwidth for the cards, while the Crosshair IV Formula has the 890FX chipset and offers x16/x16/x0 or x16/x8/x8. Granted, there's very little difference between x16 and x8 for most cards, but there is a difference, and not to mention the C4F has quite a lot of useful overclocking utilities.
  7. I don't even see the crosshair iii for sale on newegg anymore. But I would get the newer chipset - the 890.

    For the M4A89TD: the 890fx version has x16/x16 and is $185. The gx edition has onboard graphics and x8/x8 but is otherwise the same. Either way, you'll be saving money over the Crosshair IV, but still be getting a high end board. The only thing you're losing is the ability to triple crossfire. If that is something you want to do, then get the Crosshair. I can't personally speak for overclocking options since I haven't used them with mine. Otherwise, get the M4A89TD 890FX or 890GX based on which matters more: the onboard graphics or the x16/x16.

    Like Lmeow said, the difference between x8/x8 and x16/x16 is very small. Its about 5% performance, but if you're crossfiring, you probably want all the bang you can get out of buying another card for it.
  8. Sorry, my bad elivance, I thought you had the M4A89GTD Pro, not the M4A89TD Pro.
  9. Its cool, its confusing as hell haha. Either are great boards, with only those two minor differences between them. I recommend either.
  10. Thanks for help, I ended up finalizing my build with an asus crosshair iv mobo, Sapphire hd5830 gpu, corsair 750tx psu, ddr3 1600 4 gb gskill ripjaw ram, and a corsair h50 cooling system. Hopefully eveyrthing should be in by some time this week.
  11. That's a great rig,hope you enjoy it :)
  12. thx, everythings been working great, bit i found out that my case fans were loose and one of the blades were broken, im thinking about buying two new 140mm fans as exhaust since i set up the h50 with push/pull. What type of fans should i get, or should i stick with the nzxt case fans?
  13. I think with your case and H50 CPU cooler your temps will be fine.
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