SATA II HDD with a SATA 6.0GB/S Mobo?

I recently purchased a 64GB SATA III SSD that I am putting into my new computer build. I will be putting windows 7 on this in addition to BF3. I intend to use this SSD in combination with a large HDD that I will purchase later.

I currently have a SATA II HDD in my old computer and I am interested in hooking up to this new computer. Is it possible to hook up that SATA II HDD to a mobo that is SATA 6.0GB/S. It has windows vista on it, so I'm not sure how to work around that because I will have windows 7 on the SSD.
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  1. All sata is backward compatible. The sata controller drop it's speed to accomodate the sata 2 drive. Sata3 devices will be uneffected.
  2. your computer will most likely be plug n play. in addition, your SATA II HDD will be compatible with SATA III w/o a hitch. all you need to do is, tells the bios with drive to boot from, whether it will be the SSD or HDD.

    from my experience. i would back up my old HDD information, then back it up, the format the drive. put your BF3 on to you SSD and go from there
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