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This is a pretty new occurrence, Withing the past few days my PC seems like it has gotten considerably slower, freezing a bit once and a while for a few seconds, downloaded video on all players is choppy and about every 15-30 secs freezes which it never did. Cpu and ram usage are both very low I am running and Phenom II X4 965 @ 3.4, 8 gb ram, gtx 460 xlr8. I checked the disk and its running DMA mode so its not that, Deleted and uninstalled all unused games, file etc. Ran malwarebytes full scan which turned up nothing, no large usage in processes I am not sure what it is anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Did u upgrade any drivers too? Or Windows update did?
  2. Did u tried also VLC?
  3. sorry for the double post it would not let me view this thread so i thought maybe it didnt get posted, upgraded drivers but only after it did this although I think windows updated some stuff yesterday what could it be?
  4. Also in the past 2 days it has totally frozen up on my where I had to reset the computer, this happened twice and it has never happened since i built this about a year ago
  5. sorry for the delay i ran windows memory diagnostic and no errors were found
  6. I had similar problems even after just recently upgrading my video card to an XFX Radeon 6770. I installed a few codec packs like ccc and ffdshow and the Matroska pack and also enabled gpu hardware acceleration and it seems to have fixed the problem. If after installing codecs again and checking your video player settings you don't fix the problem, I'd suggest reinstalling Windows after you backup your data. If there is something weird wrong in the registry or elsewhere in the OS it's better to spend a couple hours reinstalling than spend weeks troubleshooting in my opinion. Make sure you have the latest firmware and drivers for your PC as well including system BIOS, chipset drivers, and video card driver. I also recently replaced my system drive with a $100 90GB SSD drive and it's the best upgrade I've ever made. All scores over 7 now on the Windows Experience Index.
  7. Sorry for not specifying. I enabled the GPU hardware accelerate (or maybe it was decode, I don't have VLC in front of me)(which says it's an experimental setting) and that fixed most of the video stuttering problems. Getting the SSD was icing on the cake if you know what I mean. If you're outputting video via an HDMI cable you can also try making sure the cable is high speed as opposed to standard speed, but I'm not really sure if that would make a difference, even with 1080p video.
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