Alienware Area 51 M17X cpu heatsink

is there any way that you could indentify this heat sink as i am in dire need to buy it to complete my Alienware Area-51 M17x mobile System. this is the only picture i could find, and i have tried everything from alibaba to ebay to google. if the pictures do not pop up when yopu scroll down, just click on the area the pictures are in, then they will be shown. i would settle for a part number. and yes i have spoke to dell, this unit wasa caught between the buyout of alienware by dell.
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  1. it would have to come from the same system, so if alienware/dell dosen't have it, then you will buy the same system to get a new one, which i dont beleve is worth it

    what's wrong with your current one?
  2. Pics please!

    Area 51 M17X Mobile System? I want to see this!
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