ATX Split cable name?

Hello. I've now aquired an extra power supply to run my system. But I need a good way to power both simultanously.
My best friend got a splitter cable with his Silverstone TJ07S when he bought it, but I don't know what it's called and where to buy one. And it isn't mentioned in the silverstone manual either.

What's it called?

It's a device constituting of a 24 pin ATX female connector in one end, a full 24 pin ATX male connector in the other, and another male connector with only the green and one of the ground wires connected. Think of it as an atx extender cable with an extra two wires leading into another power supply.
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  2. Thanks - but I actually found one at the bottom of a heap of junk at home last sunday - after having soldered my own last friday actually
  3. I still don't get it, what is the splitter for? Using 2 psus? or 2 mobos? [:lectrocrew:7]
  4. It's for powering two power supplies using only one motherboard.

    My problem:
    The corsair 620W can't supply enough stable power to 3 4870 cards and an overclocked i7-920 - so my solution is to use two power supplies for the system.

    Originally I soldered some converter cables together, but later in the weekend I found a premade cable with the same purpose.

    Here's a pic of the cable:

    It works by simply adding a second connector attached to the motherboards pins for the 'green wire' and a ground wire ... the green one tells the power supply to turn on and off.
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  6. Hi , thanks for the support here for the atx cable i was searching the net to add a drive to my old motherboard i found this here in India
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