Gtx 660ti vs gtx 670

I don't really care about saving 100$ or not...but would it be worth it to pay 100$ more to get a gtx 670 for gaming?
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  1. yes since you have the money
  2. IMO its worth the difference
  3. its worth to pay extra $100.the only difference between them is bus width and ROPS.gtx 660 ti uses 192 bit bus which can produce maximum 144.1 GBps bandwidth while gtx 670 uses 256-bit bandwidth which produce 192 GBps bandwidth.gtx 670 has 32 rops and gtx 660ti has 24 rops
  4. it's worth all the flying F**k it can ever give ^_^ imo 670 is a really awesome card and really worth it
  5. 7950 is better, new drivers and some more OC will smash the 670. Not to mention more memory and a 384-bit bus if you want to run lots of mods.
  6. Personally I would OC the 660 TI and save $100 to spend on something else. An overclocked 660 TI is within 5% of a GTX 670, only difference is the bus width.
  7. Those benchmarks don't take into account the new drivers which have matured on the 7000 series.
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