Today's shellshocker, one quick question

So, I'm looking at putting together a system and I just saw this PSU on the front page of newegg this morning: ETASIS ET750. I was wondering if this is a quality PSU? I see that it's rated 80%+ efficiency, but I'm no expert with PSUs and I've never heard of this brand.

The system I'm putting this in:
i5/p55 platform (hopefully OC'd)
HD 5850 (Possibly Xfire in the future)
HAF 922 case
2+ HDD

Don't worry about the rest of the system as I've already had a thread devoted to that. I just want to know if grabbing this PSU while I can is a good idea.

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    etasis is a good brand they are more generally known in the server market but they make psu's for other companies like silverstone and a few others
  2. ^+1 @ obsidian
    I wonder if it will be the same price in the States, it's supposed to be the afternoon Shellshocker here, so there's a few hours before I'll know.
    At that price it's 50% off :)
  3. Alright, it's ordered. I love newegg and their stupidly cheap products :)

    Thanks a lot for the replies guys.
  4. Wow, you guys are lucky....Stupid Canadian expsensiveness....
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