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Hey everyone! I am looking at building my first gaming computer and was a bit confused on how the case fans were going to work for something like the following build:

So the case comes with two 120mm fans and a fan controller. Given the motherboard and PSU I've selected, how many more of the case fans could I install?

I apologize as I'm trying to understand how all this cooling stuff is going to work. Thanks in advance.
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    Cooling system

    Fan controller for 3 fans included
    1 rear Fractal Design 120mm @ 1200rpm included
    1 front Fractal Design 120mm @ 1200rpm included

    1 front 120mm fan (optional)
    1 top 120/140mm fan (optional)
    1 bottom 120mm fan (optional)
    1 side panel 120mm/140mm fan (optional)

    1 x CPU fan header
    2 x system fan headers
    < WITH MOLEX you could power all of the additional fan options,but how many you would use , is up to you. :D

    The EVO CPU COOLER will fit well also.
  2. I would say offhand, you can install 3-4 more fans but... why? It would seem to me that the idea behind your case choice is quietness, the more fans added, the less quiet your computer will be. If I were building within that case for quietness, I would see what my temps and noise are like with the stock fan configuration, work from there. If you do want to add a fan or two right away, I would suggest an intake on the floor of the case (between PSU and HD cage) and an exhaust on top (low RPM, 140mm).
    Hope it helps some...
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