Haf 932 mod

I want to post my pics off my haf 932 mod but it wont let me, i already tried and all it poseted was the url i put in.
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  1. Your URL must point directly to the image. Most photosharing sites already have (minus the space at the " class="img lazy">). It would appear like:

    Thats what my case used to look like, by the way. :)

    There is also an option while writing your post to insert an image. You can click on the insert image button and put in a URL to an image there. It's the blue logo next to the formatting options (Bold, underline, italics).
  2. Uh, in the page with the picture, do you see a "Share this Image" area near the bottom left corner of the page? It shows "Email and IM", "Direct Link", "HTML Code", "IMG Code". You'll want to copy the entire contents of the "IMG Code" part and paste it here. For example:
  3. That looks awesome. I have a HAF 922 (pic above), but I haven't dreamed of doing something like that to it. You still have that front panel bay to work on, though. ;)

    Actually, I did dream of doing something like that. But the work and resources, I just don't have yet. Probably in the future.
  4. Its really easy to paint but if you want to get into detail like i did, its easier to take out the rivets and paint from there.

    all i used was 3 spraypaint cans and a whole lot of tape
  5. Hey was it hard to paint the inside, cause I wanted to get it but I really am a sucker for all black. I was only afraid that the 5.25 plastic pieces wouldn't come out, so you just painted it I never thought of that lol.
    Also I hate were it says HAF on the side so did you sand or anything, can you kinda tell me exactly what you did just like in steps you don't have to be to specific. I am not a big multi color person. But I never thought a white finish would look good, it reminds of the old beige days with the big IBMs.
    Really original for sure did you paint the the other side panel red nice.
    I am to trendy to be cool enuff to do that, I am all black and dark blue.
  6. Wait I didn't notice this, but how did you get those god forsaken lines off the glass?? Did you just take a razor and blam??
    If you could I would like to see some more pictures like both sides, take off the panels get in there real deep like, I think its so cool, I am not as such a fan of the inside but the outside shot whoa wow.
  7. Have you seen the HAF X?? It pretty wicked like this one, I have only seen the outside buy it will probably fill the HAF 932's shoes.
  8. I originally had a red and black setup nut that got old. Unfortunately i ddint get the lines off the window, its just the picture, If you wnat to panit the hard drive bays or the cd cdrive bay a different color you will have to take out the rivets(not recommended) Also, you dont have to sand anything at all. Painting the inside of the case is actually very easy, just be patient and it will come out perfect.
  9. The haf x looks pretty awesome, but what i find funny is that coolermaster sees all thesse people modding the 932 and still dont decide to come out with a black interior or at least not grey interior case.
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