Will a new motherboard affect my storage?

hey, my 4 pin cpu fan connector is broken, so i was going to send this motherboard back and get the exact same one back and i was wondering if id be able to just put everything back on the new motherboard and have everything still? no files will be incompatible? or will i have to back everything up and redo everything? thanks!
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  1. If you get the same motherboard back you should not have any issues, a different motherboard with a different chipset is another story.
  2. You should always do a backup when you do something like this and if when you get the replacement MB back and installed and everything works fine then you don't need it but if something goes wrong then you have your backup. The replacement MB should work fine and I have had the same situation and everything worked fine when I put the replacement in.
  3. I think you'll have to reinstall windows using a different license. I'm not totally sure cause I vaguely remember something. I think the license associates with the motherboard. I'm not sure if you stay with the same model it doesn't matter. Hopefully someody can clarify...
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