Upgrade cpu - fsb issue

I currently have a 2.8Ghz Pentium D 920 in a socket 775 running at 800Mhz, my motherboard can handle 1066. I was looking to upgrade to a quad core chip.

If i go for something like a q6600 or q6700 it will be running at the motherboards max fsb, but I'd have to purchase a 2nd hand chip.

If I want to get a new cpu like a q8300, which is actually a cheaper option and includes warranty etc, it will fit the socket but runs at 1333fsb.

If go for the new chip will it work and will i get much of a performance upgrade? whats my best option?

This is the spec of my machine if it helps in any way: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c00596707&cc=uk&dlc=en&lc=en&jumpid=reg_R1002_UKEN


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  1. You wont be able to even run a Q6600 on that board the 945G chipset doesn't support quad cores the best you can do is an older E6xxx and you have to make sure its a conroe not wolfdale. Conroes are 65nm and wolfdales are 45nm your boards chipset doesn't support 45nm either. So no quads and no 45nm. Your best bet would be to change motherboard out too. You can go an AMD Phenom II x4 fairly cheap you can do motherboard and processor for around $200. Now trading up to an E6xxx will give you a huge performance boost over the Pentium D, even though the Pentium is a dual core it doesn't run efficiently at all a core 3 duo will give you id say around a 150% boost in performance.
  2. edit: ignore that it's 45nm
  3. You will have to search ebay most likely for one conroes are not manufactured anymore but it should be fairly cheap.
  4. cheers for the advice, much appreciated
  5. cheers for the advice. much appreciated
  6. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Intel-Core2-Duo-Processor-E6600-2-4GHz-NEW_W0QQitemZ110508849857QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Motherboards_CPUs?hash=item19bad73ac1#ht_500wt_1182

    Heres one on ebay/uk for 50 and free ship this is exactly what you should get and that is an awesome price and it says its new.
  7. thanks again!! i'm just waitin to see if the seller will ship to ireland and then i'll probably take it. nice one.
  8. bought it!!
  9. Good luck with it you may have to update the bios but it should work with out the update. Also remember to clear the cmos before installing the new CPU just take the battery out of the motherboard for a minute this will reset the bios. Again Good Luck
  10. I've got the new cpu in and followed all the instructions but its not coming on properly. The power supply and lights are coming on but i'm getting no picture, hd sounds like its coming on but the processor and case fan are completely still. I've got everything hooked up and took all the normal precautions - static etc. Any advice? Is there something I'm missing?
  11. I put the original cpu in and its back to normal. not compatible maybe? anyone recommend a motherboard for this cpu?
  12. sorry to be posting constantly, but would i be able to just install this motherboard into my current case with all of my current components?

  13. You might be able too but first when you put new CPU in did you make sure you have the most up to date bios and also did you reset the bios by takeing the battery out the motherboard for a few minutes.
  14. HP don't have any bios downloads for this model. I took out the battery for a few seconds only. turns out hp have a few different boards all called P5LP-LE.

    I think that this is the one i have:

  15. I am sorry that that processor didn't work out but in all seriousness If you have to get a new motherboard ditch that E6600 you should be able to resell that on ebay for exactly what you got it for no problem.

    That motherboard you listed will fit but you might have problems with the front panel connections. But IMO sell the E6600 and get a AMD athlon II or a Phenom II you can get an x3 or an x4 chip for the same price you are paying for that motherboard and processor. You should also be able to sell the pentium D 920 for a little too.
  16. No worries. I'll take a look at that option instead so. Would you recommend any boards to go with the Phenom?
  17. Well your using a HP case so it can cause some problems in replacing the motherboard in it since the front panel connections are meant for that board. So if you do want to upgrade my suggestion would be to find a cheap case and use all the components from the hp except the motherboard of course.
  18. afromac said:

    This will be way better.

    Gigabyte GA-M68M-S2P £37.84

    AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition £125.05

    total 162.89

    This would be way better that is not a good deal at all on ebay.
  19. that looks good. how bout this as i have 4 dimms of ram:

  20. It dont look like that will support the Phenom II 955
  21. cool. sure cheers for all the help, i've a good idea what i need to do now so i'll just do a bit more reading and decide exactly what i need. I might just go for a complete system upgrade down the road instead... my original plan was just to extend to life of my current system, but now that i'm seeing the limitations of what i have, i might have to rethink my plan
  22. This would be a good choice

  23. actually, what motherboards would be compatible with the E6600? what would i need to take into account: 65nm etc?

    If i could get a £60 board and £10 case I'd be able to achieve everything I need from this pc
  24. Asus P5QPL-AM iG41 Socket 775 £38.44

    Mid Tower Gaming Cas £18.99

    This will get you going quite nicely.
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