ASROCK G31M-GS R2.0 overclocking q9550

i maybe want to buy a ASROCK G31M-GS R2.0 mainboard, because my dg45id has some problems.

my system at the moment:

intel dg45id mainboard (fsb1333mhz)
intel q9550 4x 2,83ghz (333mhz fsb)
4gb ddr2 ram 800mhz (Gskill)
4x120mm fans (NZXT rogue super cube)
scythe big shuriken rev.2 cpu fan

i searched for mikro atx p45 boards /p35 /x... , no way to get rid of those onboard graphics.
then i found that asrock g31 which supports 1600mhz fsb. so my question is, is it possible to overclock my q9550? at least 400mhz fsb (4x3,4ghz) should be possible or?

ps: im relatively new to overclocking :D
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  1. Yep should be no problem i ran a 9550 @ 3.2 for quite some time. Befor i built my i7 920, befor i built my i7 3930k...Its acctually still running after about 4 years as a server in a small biz and yes its still oc d..
  2. and the g31 chipset can handle this?
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