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I had Core Temp running all day and played a game for about 3 hours when i exited the game core temp said my highest temp was 67C. Idle my temps are about 48-51C. Do you think these temps are fine or should I buy a new cpu cooler?
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    they are a bit high, that cpu does run hot but you should look into better cooling

    the cooler that comes with the 6000 is not half bad. try clearing away any dust that may be on it and re-seat it with some good thermal paste (I use antec silver) before you get a new cooler.
  2. I bought OEM so it didn't come with a cooler. so I used the cooler I used on my 3200+ do you think it can damage the cpu running that hot. Because I want to upgrade cooling to liquid but I just spent a couple hundred on my PC and want to wait a little to do it again.

    I also washed out the cooler and vacuumed the computer out when I changed the CPU and I also used that thermal paste
  3. First off don't go liquid unless you got $300 or more to spend on the system and money to spare for burnt out parts when it fails a good air system is the way to go, liquid is very unreliable.

    Now your temps aren't super high a little on the hot side but not enough to damage anything. The lower the temps the longer the life is usually. Like CT said try redoing your thermal paste and see what happens. Also how is your case cooling are all your fans blowing the right way make sure because if the rear fan isn't exhausting air out your CPU will not cool rite. So re apply thermal paste check fans if none of that works try upgrading to a nice tower cooler a good one for a budget is a HYPER 212+.
  4. thanks for the responses. The one I linked is the one I'm using right now. I decided not to liquid cool now too due to the things you pointed out and I found this cooler that does a great job according to the reviews
  5. That is a great cooler I have no doubts that it will lower your ful load temps by at least 10 degrees.
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