Nvidia Video Card under 230$?


I just RMA my XFX 5770 card do to system crash, Tried every solution available nothing helped, all i saw was black or striped screen after couple of minutes or hours in games.
Ever the card was bad or ATI didn't finish the drivers. And XFX didnt help with anything, they just "try this try that...blablabla"

Any way, no more AMD products as I noticed lots of 5000 series cards have millions of problems.

Need help, want to buy a Nvidia under 230$.

I found this gigabyte card :

GIGABYTE GV-N26SO-896I GeForce GTX 260 896MB 448-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card - Retail
Overclocked at 680 MHz, 25% better than standard GTX 260


any experience with this card? any suggestions? want to buy ASAP!!!

Some of my specs:
Its a HP XW6200 workstation (old i know:D)
Dual Xeon 3.6
500W power supply
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  1. nj777 said:
    Need help, want to buy a Nvidia under 230$.

    You got that part right.
  2. $230*, and all new products have teething problems.

    Customer service telling you to try something is generally known as help, seeing as the last thing they (or any smart company) wants to do is replace a perfectly good card.

    Perhaps for $200 go for the 4890, a proven and stable card with better punch than the GTX260.
  3. No more AMD as they have lots of driver issues.
    Nvidia looks more stable.
  4. Driver issues?

    The 4000 series cards have no driver issues, if they ever had any in the first place. I've been running my 4870 for about 9 months, and it's golden, not one driver problem. My friend has 4850 in crossfire, and they have no driver issues.

    FYI, I've had 9500GT driver issues, with the card not displaying the correct resolution etc. So it isn't just AMD. The 5000 series cards are new, and with all new cards (including the 'stable' nvidia ones) there will be driver problems.

    If you really just hate AMD that much, get a GTX 260 or whatever. I am an unbiased person myself, but anyone can see that Nvidia is not the card to buy at the moment.
  5. Thread closed. got the super overclocked GTX 260 form gigabyte, no problems until now, and I could say more performance and less heat than 5770, and once again NVIDIA rocks no driver issues!!!

    for okini55, it has openGL 3.0, what it doesn't is DX11 and shader model 5 which are very rare this days"Battleforge and like 5 more games" so until Nvidia 300 comes out I am very good.
  6. Marginally more performance than HD5770 and a lot more heat than HD5770 to be exact. Also Driver issues are just a rumour. The early Catalyst verions before 8.6 had some driver issues. After Catalyst 9, no such problems whatsoever. People who say that are nothing but fanboys! :kaola:
  7. Yeah, if your HD5770 was giving off more heat than a GTX 260 then you just got a bad card.
  8. nvidia go go go
  9. I have the same story to tell as nj777 (Minus the RMA part), Ive been plagued with driver issues with my 5770 (Driver not responding/ Gray screen crashes) with (9.11, 9.12 and now 10.1!!), so today i received my GB-GTX260 SOC and i have to say that i am very happy with the results, the drivers are perfect and operates seamlessly. I even OC a little further and it went very well, very stable and surpisingly cool. Ill have to recommend this mid rang card to everyone that wants a low cost GPU that has HIGH performance. Nvidia you have done it again
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