Problems overcklocking my 7850...

I own a sapphire 7850 HD, I went through several threads online to see what I can expect from the card, and then I tried to overclock a bit.
I used ASUS GPU tool(without enabling the enhanced OC option) and I went up with 50 MHZ increases and used unigine's heaven V3.0 basic as benchmark.
Seemed like people got to 1260/6000(1500) across the web with stock cooling, seeing those monster 50% OCs I knew this card had some serious potential and I decided to try reach a 25-30% OC(reaching 50% and more is a big matter of luck anyways)

When I went for 1050/1450 my card just froze and gave me a blue screen, which was disappointing since people all over the web mentioned that reaching these numbers on the factory voltage should be easy.
Last benchmark that went through was 1020/1325

Stock Benchmark(860/4800(1200)):
min FPS:21.2
max FPS:90.5
Resting temperature(depending whether I have the AC on or off): 29-32
Max temperature under stress: 56-57 degrees
Voltage: 1.138V

Last benchmark that went through(1020/5300(1325)):
min FPS:23.4
max FPS:102.9
Resting temperature(depending whether I have the AC on or off): 30-34
Max temperature under stress: 62 degrees
Voltage: 1.138V

Benchmark settings:
Render: direct3d11
Mode: 1920x1080 4xAA fullscreen
Shaders: high
Textures: high
Filter: trilinear
Anisotropy: 4x
Occlusion: enabled
Refraction: enabled
Volumetric: enabled
Tessellation: normal

So after I went through the benchmark all happy I could reach these numbers I opened office in order to get some work done on WORD, but my card just froze and gave me a yellow screen after 30 minutes, this happened on the same stock voltage, on a normal 32 degree heat and with no actual stress on the card, which left me puzzled and very disappointed, but after reading a little bit I saw that using a 1.2V should be safe for this specific model.

Should I start messing with the voltages on the card up to a certain point?
I am just wanting to reach 1050/5400(1450) on my card with the stock cooling (should be around 63-64 degrees while under stress which should be perfectly fine and safe for the 7850)

I have
Cpu: INTEL I5-3450 IVY BRIDGE + CM HYPER 101 for cooling
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H
Memory: G.SKILL DDR3 8GB (2x4GB) 1333MHz 9-9-9-24
Video: Sapphire 7850 HD.
Case: Raidmax sagiita 2 with 3 cooling fans

Thanks for all your help
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  1. try using sapphire trixx, and overvolt a bit, i doubt you will get a 30% o/c without over volting, i can barely get 30MHz out of my card.. (80MHz over reference that is)
  2. What would you recommend as a maximum voltage?

    My stock voltage is 1138 mV, maximal voltage without enhanced settings(which I will not use anyways since I don't want to risk my card that much and fry a VRM or something else) are 1222 mV.

    Quite an increase and there is a wide range there, i've seen multiple threads of 1300mV but that's with a better cooling than the stock and for a lot more than a 30% increase
  3. just keep the card under 80C, and watch the VRM and ram, it would be bad for those to overheat
  4. Yep exactly my thoughts, any good program to monitor these? and is there an official max temperature for each part?(I know 80C for the GPU, as you also mentioned)

    Seems that neither catalyst nor asus's GPU monitor show detailed temps on the card, only the current GPU temp.
  5. i use aida64 which monitors the shaders, memory, and DispIO (not sure what that is)... but it's $30
  6. Well I got aida64 set here right now, but under the "Sensor" and "temperatures" I can only see the CPU cores, hard drive, the "GPU diode", and a value named "Aux", no mention for the shaders or memory etc
  7. really? this is what i see

    im assuming your on the latest version? if not make sure you are :P V 2.50.2000
  8. That's my version, here is my screen:
  9. guess not, as long as the core would remain around 70C I guess everything else would stay normal
  10. aviv_1g said:
    *fart noise*

    Increase voltage a little more, increase power limit to 20% it just lets the gpu get more power without getting itself throttled and at a pretty low voltage it getting fried from too much power shouldn't trouble you (it's board power LI in TriXX THAT YOU SHOULD USE when overclocking your card, only OC software that works for me and many others), decrease memory mhz to 1375 since most people say that increasing memory over that only causes extra heat and even lower fps sometimes, and stuttering. This worked for me, I have 1150 core 1375 memory @1.125v stable 10mins in furmark and I get scores in benchmarks and framerates higher than the gtx 580. I could easily get to and did get to 1200 and higher but I have to increase voltage a lot more and I'd just like keeping this card longer, no voltage related lifespan shortening or it dying from heat.
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