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Question Regarding Intel’s Integrated RAID Controller

I have been researching the performance of placing 2 SSD’s in RAID 0. Many of the benchmarks I have seen show transfer rates of approximately 1100 MBps. These numbers seem theoretically achievable in RAID 0 on SATA 3. So is Intel’s fake/Matrix RAID being used to attain these numbers or are these numbers coming from $300 discreet RAID cards? I originally had no intention on putting two SSD’s in a RAID but I was given a new 120GB Agility 3 and I already had a 120 GB Agility 3 (1 month old), and it now seems pointless not to RAID. As I understand Intel will be implementing TRIM for RAID in their new drivers during 1H 12 so that problem is resolved, and since I do not intend on putting these two drives in RAID until I can get a Z75 motherboard in the April May time frame I have time for the software to work itself out. In short is 1100MBps achievable on Intel’s Matrix RAID?
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  1. If my initial post was too long I apologize. Is there no one that operates in this configuration that can answer this question? Do I need to put this in the SSD forum? Thanks for viewing, any insight would be great.
  2. i have c300 256GB x2 in RAID 0 with ASUS P67 and the max i get is around about 700 MB/s. I think 1100 is possible but you need faster SSD with 500+ Read speed.
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    The integrated RAID (AKA chipset RAID), which is really just standard SATA ports with BIOS and driver support, is about as good as you'll get for RAID-0 performance. The SATA ports are directly tied into the chipset, so you'll get the aggregate performance possible from multiple ports running in parallel. With external RAID adapters you need to be careful that the aggregate throughput of the SATA ports doesn't exceed the capacity of the card's PCIe connection. And although the chipset RAID relies on the CPU to do the actual RAID work, for RAID 0 that work is negligible (that's not so true of RAID 5, through).
  4. Sminlal and Nakecat, Thanks for you input. your information has been helpfull.
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