Hd 4650 ddr ddr2 compatibility

i now have a gf fx5500 256mb ddr graphics card in pc...i ordered the radeon hd 4650 1g ddr apg...it appears that the new card is ddr2..is this compatable with the ddr slot or is the mother board gonna blow up
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  1. The memory on the graphics card is unrelated to your system memory, no worries.
  2. thanks for the reply but i now have a new problem...i installed the new card and it fit perfectly...only problem now is there is no video at all now...i read the instructions and did it as it was wrote and i have now have no video on screen...any help would be great
  3. they told you that the graphics memory speed has nothing to do with your system memory speed.... i think that`s not right.... i use DDR ram and i bought a DDR3 HD4670 and it was crap.... even the mouse on the screen was lagging. so i think the ddr2 card its bottlenecked... same happened to me!
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