ATI Overdrive fan control doesn't work with Sapphire Radeon HD 4670?

I recently tried to manually adjust the fan speed in Catalyst Control Center under the ATI overdrive section, but when I adjust the value I don't see a change in temperature or fan speed. Can someone help me out with this? Is it a problem with the driver or the hardware?

Thanks in advance.
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    well. First of all just try to update your catalyst drivers. That might work. If not just download this : its far better than catalyst control center. Good luck ;)

    Got the most recent before posting, the factory packaged drivers didn't work with fan speed and neither did the updated ones. I'll be sure to try RivaTuner and will post results soon.
  2. One problem that does exist with RivaTuner that you will want to look at is if your card lowers it's clock speeds when you aren't playing games, RivaTuner will prevent those lower idle clock speeds.
  3. Will it be risky if i set the speed of the fan 100%?
    Will it be risky if i set the speed of the fan 100%?
    No, but it might be quite loud using stock cooling...
  5. Could the rivatuner increase the fan speed ???
  6. Managed to figure it out for myself, thanks a lot for your help. Turns out that since I ran the Auto-Tune for overclocking in Catalyst I was finally able to adjust it. Turns out it's very quiet too ;)

    Thanks again.
  7. I was having the same problem. Always low rpm and overheat, then driver shutdown. Tried many versions of software (new and old), nothing helps.
    But when i turned option "CPU FAN smart control" to "AUTO" at bios, ive got my video card fan's rpm again adjustable, as auto and also manual.
    P.S. Maybe its cause ive got intel proc. and amd graphics =)
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