Which sound card is better?

hey i need some help here
i don't know anything about sound cards and i really like amazing, crisp life-like game audio and music and found the Asus Xonar Essence STX its 199 dollars and has gotten good reviews

but the sound card from the Asus maximus formula 3 (sound is NOT BUILT in the mobo) looks promising but idk should i take the mobo sound card, get the essence instead or you guys suggest some other sound card?
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  1. Your link is broken.

    If you're ordering the motherboard anyway, try the sound card that comes with it first. Motherboard sound has gotten very good, and if Asus is already improving on it in the bundle... should be good enough for almost everyone. If you're still unsatisfied, you can find another product.
  2. thanks for point that out tortnotes
  3. If you are gonna spend $200 on a sound card, you better have a hell of a good sound setup or good headphones. Otherwise it would be like guys with Honda Civics filling up on 104 octane gas.
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    True, but the Essence ST/STX makes even crappy speakers sound better. If you have decent speakers, nothing beats the ST/STX right now.
  5. thanks for the help astrallite and gamerk
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