Hi, I have several computers to hook up to the internet; 4 to be exact. We have bought a router, installed it into the main system, but are still having problems getting everyone onto the internet. Each computer has a wireless plug in, and we keep getting "you have no certificate for use" on the other systems. What are we doing wrong?? We have 3 desktops and a laptop to connect together, are we not doing something that we should? PLEASE, HELP!! We have the main computer with the internet connection and we want to add two other desktops and a laptop to the internet. Is it too many systems on our router? We have a Belkin Router that is supposed to handle 5 links. Please, let me know what we are doing wrong!! Thank you!!
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  1. There's a "Wireless Networking" section of the forum that would be a better place to post your question.

    There's also a general networking section.
  2. Does the router also have wireless connectivity or is it a wired router - (ie. does it broadcast a wireless signal or do all the systems need to be plugged into the router using lan cables ) - If it is indeed one that supports wireless what type of security did you use when setting it up and are you using the same type on the oother systems along with the correct password so that they can connect - also are the other systems seeing your router (and are you sure you are connecting to the right wireless network - could be you are trying to connect to your neighbors signal instead of yours)
  3. Thanks for your help!! I'll check on that....
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