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Hi Guys

I'm looking for some advice on how the community deals with the increase in ambient room temperature generated by a big, hairy chested gaming rig.

The most obvious way and random-selection-of-Google-opinions seems to be to buy a couple box fans for the room to improve airflow ,however, is it worth attaching an insulated exhaust tube from the back of the PC to a nearby window? Has anybody done this before and noticed results that make it worthwhile?

If so, is there specialist tubing available that will fit the oblong shape of the rear of the case?

Thanks for the help/sarcastic comments!
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  1. good fan and correct air flow should do the job but if you try that exaust tube let's us know what change you got in your temp with or without it
  2. Your best option would be to get an air conditioner, say the cheapest one, stick it in a window, or have it installed custom in the wall, and feed the CPU with the air via dryer hose
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