How to delete mp4 files.

How to delete mp4 files.kindly help me.

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    Does it not work to delete them the way that you delete any other file? Click on it and hit the delete key, or right-click and select Delete?

    If you get a message that the file is too big for the recycle bin, do a permanent delete instead.

    Let me be sure I understand - you want to remove video files and will no longer be able to view that video?
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  3. Don't download anything. I had the same problem and scratched my head numerous times until I saw a tip on another forum. Put all the annoying MP4 files (video clips etc) into one folder and put on desktop. Remember the folder name. Turn off your computer. Restart your computer and as soon as your desktop shows (even without the computer being fully boosted) right click on the named folder (egg timer might show for a few seconds) and click delete. This should go straight to your recycle bin - you have to be faster than the computer - and then delete from recycle bin. You should feel a magic moment when it works.
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