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My USB tick gets really hot during long fie transfers, I found putting pennies on it kept temperatures lower (it was no longer painful to touch) How can I stick them on, I know you can buy adhesive TIM but I've got some non-adhesive stuff and I'm not spending out for a cheap 'stick.
I was thinking tape but it doesn't stick to the metal so well.
So any ideas on a different cooling method or sticking thing?
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  1. silicone is what i used to stick my heat spreader back on my memory (i accidentily smashed it off somehow lol)... i would reccomend trying that
  2. will do, thanks
    fun fact they use silicone to stick the bonnet grille for the air filter intakes on Caterham Sports cars
  3. Small zip-ties would be cleaner.
  4. a small touch of silicone wouldn't show at all
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