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First post!

Name is Myersguy, long time reader, first time poster. Moving on.

Recently, I built a new gaming build. It was the first next-gen build I have ever made (for as long as I have been using computers, I have been swapping out parts, etc, just never built a top of the line computer from scratch). I am currently experiencing a bit of an odd problem with some games which I have never had on any of my other computers. However, I have also never ran such high quality games on computer before, nor have I ever had a large LCD monitor either.

So, the problem is this: When playing certain games, I occasionally get a line about a pixel thick that will fire from the bottom to the top of my monitor really quickly. It is somewhat of a hard thing to explain. It looks like the pixels are displaced within the line, but I am not sure. My only guess is that this is a matter of refresh rate, or something to that effect. I made a terri-bad image that (hardly) reflects what I am talking about (the game used is Dirt):

So, what is it exactly that causes this, and how do I fix it?

/first post, and I apologize if this is in the wrong section/wrong format, etc.
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  1. Have turn on the vertical sync on the game's setting?
    What about the rest of your system?
  2. Yes, Vertical sync did fix the problem, but it also limits FPS (which i don't like).

    I don't know what you mean by "The rest of system", so I can't help you there, unless you are asking for specs.

    So, specs:

    Core i7 920 OC'ed to 3.0Ghz
    BFG 285 GTX OCFU edition
    6GB DDR3 1600 Ram
    EVGA X58 M-ATX Mobo
    750W PSU
  3. *Bump*
  4. okay, your problem is solved, right?
    That's consequent of using vertical sync, your fps is dropped.
    Your specs is very good. u still have a high fps, don't u?
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