I need help for ugrading my system. I have an ASUS PT6 SE motherboard which has a core i7 930, 4gb of RAM ( I should be 6 gb of RAM, but system only recognizes 4gb), GTS 250 card,and Windows 7 Pro 64. I have three RAM slots with 2GB each, but I don't know how to get the system to recognize all of them. Says GPU is taking up memory or something.

Anyway, I just want to upgrade my system since I edit HD video. (AVCHD from a GH1 in Sony Vegas 9 64 to be exact.) Can I just pop in one of these 4 GB modules in any of the remaining RAM slots to upgrade to 8GB? The other three 2gb modules in the system run on triple channel, so wanna know if I have to shell out $300 for 12GB (3x 4GB) in the other RAM slots for an upgrade.


I eventually want to max out at 24GB, which crucial says is the max for my mobo, but will one RAM module for now work by itself while the other three run in triple channel memory?
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  1. Did you read your motherboard manual and made sure you put the rams in the correct colored slots? Is the 3rd ram module defective (try testing it on different system)?
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