Reliability of portable hard drive versus desktop hard drive

I'm need to purchase a new hard drive for backing up all my data.
My question is, with identical type usage, is a small good quality portable drive, (with smaller
and possibly more delicate moving components), likely to be more prone to mechanical or other
failures than a larger desktop drive of similar storage capacity.
Although I prefer the smallness of a portable drive, my first priority is the reliability.
Thank you in advance for you replies.
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  1. It depends on what media you are using. If you are talking about an external HDD with spinning platters the reliability will be approximately the same as an internal HDD by the same manufacturer. If you are talking about a SSD, Flash Drive or other medium then the reliability will be dependent on the hardware.
  2. USB flash drive 64GB :
    128GB :
    You can buy an external SSD , here is a list :
    From here use can choose external HDD 2.5 '' :
    The portable HDD have a good price , cheaper than flash drives and ssd and with bigger capacity.
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