1080p hdtv wont display 1080p from PC

I Have an RCA 40" HDTV which I love for TV and such, I have recently tried to get my PC to use this HDTV as a primary Display when I want to play PC games on a really large screen.

Here is my problem, it was advertised as 1080p, all over the box, and I would like to think that it is. My COX communications set top box has an option for 1080i which it does display, so that gives me hope that it at least displays television in 1080, whether it be i or p. However when I connect my PC to the HDTV via VGA cable on my 9800GT SLI setup, it detects the HDTV's native resolution as 1360x768, which as I understand is 720p. Am I doing something wrong? Is this TV actually not 1080p? is there a way to tell? My normal PC monitor is an Acer H233H, which is definitely a true 1080p LCD, so I wont be heart broken, but I will definitely be returning this TV. Also the RCA site does say that this model is 1080p, so why wouldn't it display in that resolution for a PC?
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    Don't believe a vga connection supports 1080. You need to use HDMI, or DVI cable from GPU to TV.
  2. That did cross my mind, but I figured, why would they put it on the TV if it wasnt supported. I will have to buy a dvi to hdmi converter then.
  3. Double check, that dvi -> hdmi adaptor may cost just as much as a cable whith DVI on on end and HDMI on the other end, The cable is the better way to go. I initially used the adaptor and it did work OK, but my son had an extra cable so he gave me one.
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