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Intercooler based case cooling

Last response: in Overclocking
August 20, 2012 12:53:41 AM


I am a new member, but that is not important right now.

I came to an idea for cooling my case, and when I googled it, I could not find anything similar. Most likely solution is that i am overlooking some problem that people already thought about. I would like to hear your comments.

Let me explain my situation first. There are three computers in the room. Room temperatures are around 30-35 C in summer and around 25 in winter. Spring and autumn are around 20C. My problem is loud noise from computers, and still inadequate inside temperatures. Water cooling is not am option, because of the price for three of them, one unified system for all three is still expensive, and makes them then unmovable from the room. Idea in essence is removing noise from the room.

So, I was thinking to make an intercooler for handling the air outside and adding it into the case on one or few locations (around cpu, gpu and ram (that is not actively cooled). I was thinking to use an automotive air to air intercooler to cool outside air, that is sucked in the intercooler trough automotive air filter using the automotive cabin blower motor. Diameter of the intercooler inlet/outlet would most likely be in the neighborhood of 2.25". I also intended an axial fan to propel the air trough the intercooler in warmer months (it could be toilet ventilation fan of some smaller automotive cooler fan. When all components are 12v, some dedicated atx power supply can supply all of them (10-15Amps for cabin blower, and 15-20 amps to cooler fan @12v is not a big deal). Some people have calculated that a 200x200mm intercooler could lower outside temp for 10-15 degrees when used with axial fan. With outside temp of 35, that is 15 and that could be helpful in the cooling process. That pipe would then be divided in three, insulated and sent to each of the cases.

First problem is moisture in the air. There are a few solutions that can easily available in some countries, filters made of silica gel, active alumina, and some not so much available but excellent in the process of dehumidifying the air like molecular sieve, grade 3A.

Question to which I have not found the answer on the web is, if I introduce cold dehumidified air in warm environment with relative humidity of 20% (computer case), should I expect condensation? If the answer is no, all of my problem are solved, and I can enter component gathering phase, if no, than I still have a problem


February 11, 2014 12:56:47 AM

I think that your estimate on the cooling capability of what a FMIC which i assume you plan on using not to mention the amount of air you would need to move would be significant with the distance traveled likely being 6+ feet... The efficiency in my opinion only mind you wouldn't wouldn't justify the cost
a b K Overclocking
February 11, 2014 2:04:27 AM

It's great garage science, but honestly since no one has done it, you literally need to buy everything, then install everything, then do a dry run just like you would with a watercooling setup (hardwire psu to only run fans and pumps, or just fans as you may not have a pump) then run it in the case and check the humidity.

it's entirely possible, but highly inefficient as the noise from the other room would likely still be heard from your room, and you could have spent substantially less money just soundproofing your system by buying a good case, sound dampening foam, and good quality silent fans.

the fact that air itself moving has a noise defeats the whole purpose of what you are trying to do, as you would hear the air move inside your pc.

An optional solution would be to run a watercooling loop to the next room over, as most cases do still have outer gromits. you would just make your whole loop in the case, but then have all fans, pumps and radiators in the next room over (this WILL require multiple pumps in series, but will still be cheaper than what you are trying to do. (will also be inaudible from the next room)
a b K Overclocking
February 11, 2014 2:06:46 AM

but as i re-read your post, i see you do not ahve the funds for even sir need to just simply save up some money until such a time as you can get a better computer with better cooling, or the watercooling solution.

personally i see no reason for all 3 computers to be running in the same room at the same time unless you have 3 gamers, or 3 video editors in the same room at the same time