Gateway sx2800 slim tower

Hi I bought this from tigerdirect a month ago.. it's a slim tower one.
Here's a link;lst.

I was wondering which Graphic card is compatible for this slim pc and powerful enough to play WOW.. this computer only has 220v Psu.. so i need a low profile card. Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I don't think you're going to find any video cards that can fit that slot. It appears the expansion slot cannot take a full size card.
  2. Hello Tycbox00,

    From the photo it appears that the computer has a slot for a low-profile card right at the very top. I see the PCIe 2.0 x16 slot along the top of the motherboard, and there appears to be a slot for it to stick out of the back corresponding to the spot.

    So you need to search for "low profile" video cards on and you will see that there are many narrow cards that should fit. (but i would still measure to be certain)

    The real limiting factor in your computer is the PSU. 220w is not enough for a full gaming card--and the funny shape means that you would have difficulty replacing it.

    I think your best option may be to stick with the best cards you can get for your curent power supply-- which would probably be a low profile 4650. It wouldnt allow you to completely max out WOW on big raids but would still be a giant leap over integrated.
  3. I think the problem is not "low profile", but the expansion slot on the rear does not seem to be full size...meaning the slot is not long enough to allow the video cards interface bracket to fit in the case.
  4. Look at the bracket on this card--you dont think it will fit? Several reviews mention using it in those micro acer cases that look just like this one.

    Most low profile cards come with 2 brackets--one in each size.
  5. good find...that looks like the correct size. And for the OP, that is what to look for!
  6. Thanks! :-)

    You do have to be extra careful when shopping for this slot though, because (as Belia noted) many "low profile" cards make up for the lack of width by having a double slot(taller) bracket in the back. This computer only has room for a single slot bracket to fit in the back. Also if I was you I would measure the length of the space and card to be safe--because that card looks pretty long and your case is pretty short.
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