Two computers via crossover cable help!!

I connected two machines via a crossover cable and gigabit ethernet adapters.

First problem was that I saw two connection, my wireless (fine), the wired was "Unidentified Network".

So I fixed this from a post on these forums using these settings:

Computer 1
IP addr: .............
Subnet mask: ....
Gateway: ...........

Computer 2
IP addr: .............
Subnet mask: ....
Gateway: ..........

Now in Windows 7 Network and Sharing Center I have my wireless (no problems), and TWO networks using the wired connection!

1) "Network" with a type "Home Network" joined to homegroup (cool!)
2) "Unidentified network" with a type "Public network".

How do I remove the second/"unidentified public network?

It's been a long time since I have touched network settings. Any help would be great!
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    I don't know the solution, but I also don't quite see why it's a problem.

    Just use one of them.
  2. The problem are the IP adress, you can't assing the .100 and .101, try with the .102 and .103.

    And the gateway must be the same or 101
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