Farcry2 on overclocked 9400gt

hello guys
i have a 9400gt with 1gb and c2d 2.66ghz,2gb ddr2 800mhz ram.
i was playing farcry2 with 1280*1024 with low setings (27-31fps)
so i overclocked it with rivatuner and atitools to 690mhz/540mhz (550/400 stock)
at those freq. there are no artifacts and now i can play farcry2 with 28-33 fps with medium settings.
is it safe?
i used nvidia tool to check optimum oc freq. it showed 704/545 mhz
should i oc it a bit more?
is it safe?
dont worry about heating, i have a fan which never allows card to go above 55 degree celsius.

thanks in advance
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  1. If you can keep it cool I do not see a problem! Then again if it blows up you can replace it with a real gaming card.
  2. There are very less chances of blowing of GPU,on overclocking
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